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A Ballet Class You Will Love


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Not a lot of people would think much about ballet. It would either sound too feminine or not interesting at all. In fact, many forms of ballet requires an intense amount of strength and practice to perfect, and in addition, a lot of endurance. Cardio Ballet is not necessarily a dance, but a workout that will prove the intensity of ballet, and improve the dancer.


We have interviewed our frequent client Raimo Poom, who has been attending Cardio Ballet classes in the RMagination Dance Studio. He came for the first time on the 23 of April, and since then he has attended almost all the classes in our studio. He has been taking part also in ‘Classical Ballet Master Class’, which is given by Jevgeni Grib from May 2017. Raimo Poom participated in the intensive course ‘Intensive with Grib’ in the end of June. He takes part in two ‘Cardio ballet’ and two ‘Classical Ballet Master Class’ trainings every week.


We managed to chat a little with him between trainings.


How did you hear about Cardio Ballet?

I heard about cardio ballet when the studio first opened. I thought that I will come and try to take part in Cardio Ballet classes.


This is really great. What do you like the most in Cardio Ballet classes?

I like the system. It is very close to Classical Ballet, but you do not need previous experience. It is similar to Cardio training, but Cardio Ballet give some kind of frame to it. Every time I feel that I’m doing. And the more I do it, the more I understand why I do it.


Have you noticed anything different from taking Cardio Ballet Classes?

It is the same as the other cardio workout. But it gives me a lot. Cardio Ballet develops the whole body, but you do not have to pull or twist any weights. You do everything with your own weight. There is no danger that you will pull a muscle, or you get any other injuries.


Probably Cardio Ballet will develop a little. Would you like to try using some weights for legs and arms during the training?

Yes, if needed. But I think this is not necessary. Jevgeni is so much experienced that he can make changes and you will not even notice them. For example, when we had intensive course, which lasted 4-5 days, he made changes all the time. I have never thought that something is too easy. He knows well how to change the training according to your level.


Do not other people, who take part in the classes, slow down the tempo or cause any other discomfort?

No, you can choose the tempo yourself. Sometimes I feel like ‘Oh, it is too hard for me’, but then you should take a little break and start with the next exercise. No one is walking with whips around. Here are free people, and everybody tries to do as much as he can. I have seen people of different ages here, and all they had satisfied faces after the class. So there is no problem about other people.


How can you describe your Cardio Ballet teacher, Jevgeni Grib?

He is a professional dancer, and that sums it all up.


Would you recommend Cardio Ballet to your friends?

I can definitely recommend. I suppose that people are afraid of the last word – ballet. But the fact is that the emphasis is on the first word, I mean cardio. There is no need to be afraid of this workout.


What are some useful things you learned or gained from Cardio Ballet?

Oh yes, I have such things. And they appear all the time. Jevgeni creates something new all the time, even small things. You will never think that ‘It should be easy, I already know this exercise’. If Jevgeni notices, that something is too easy for you, he changes the exercise and you get the feeling like ‘Oh, I have never done this before’


There are a lot of people who get pleasure from Cardio Ballet. RMagination Dance Studio already has regular customers who never miss classes, and we are also glad to see new faces.


Cardio ballet is an active workout that suits people of any age and gender. It includes physical activity and elements of the ballet that perfectly match each other. Cardio ballet workout is accompanied by energetic music, and Jevgeni Grib doesn’t let the students to get bored. You feel satisfied with the work done and have a sense of pride, because you dedicate the hour to your health.

Come and take part in the Cardio Ballet classes in RMagination Dance Studio!