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Cardio Ballet: My First Experience

I have participated in many different fitness classes in Tallinn over the years – pilates, yoga, zumba, body balance, body art, etc. Recently, I’ve got a lucky chance to try a Cardio Ballet Workout at the RMagination Dance Studio located in Tallinn, Veerenni 29/1-5.


Cardio Ballet is taught by Jevgeni Grib. He is a professional and very talented person, who can find an approach to help every student learn regardless of skill level. Our training was held under very active music, and all the movements were filled with energy that gave the students strength. I asked beforehand which clothes would be the most suitable for training. But actually, there is no dress code. What is the more important is to have the clothes which do not constrain movements and allow you to feel as comfortable as possible. I enjoyed the atmosphere at the training and I had a lot of fun.



Instructor Jevgeni Grib at Cardio Ballet Class


Cardio Ballet Workout is not as difficult as I thought it was. As long you follow the instructor’s commands and try to repeat the exercise, you will be fine. Movements are ever changing one by one and you’ll never get bored. I expected that the training should be interesting, but I have not thought that it was going to be so exciting!


The Cardio Ballet class was an hour long. Our training started with a warm-up, then exercises on the floor and barre work. We needed to perform plies, stretch, squat etc. There aren’t any difficult choreography you have to learn, so you do not have to worry if you are not a good dancer. Initially, I was worried about that, because I am not a dancer. It is more of a cardio workout than a dance class and no previous experience is needed.


I am completely new to Cardio Ballet. I heard it helps you to lose weight and become stronger because it focuses on small, repetitive bodyweight moves which are very effective. It also improves your posture, strengthens your core, helps to improve mind and body concentration. You will certainly notice the result of Cardio Ballet training. My first training was a trial and I got a pleasant pain in my muscles and I feel great. But I hope, that after attending classes regularly, I will notice changes in my body after a couple of months. I am glad I took a cardio ballet class at the RMagination Dance Studio in Tallinn.


Cardio Ballet. Barre Workout.


The friendly atmosphere in the RMagination Dance Studio in Tallinn is particularly pleasing. There are convenient lockers, large showers, modern equipment. The staff is very welcoming and friendly. There is the impression that RMagination Dance Studio in Tallinn is like one big family, which always welcomes new members.


I realized after this workout, that there is no need to compare yourself with the others in the class because we all have different learning paces and techniques. It is better to set your own goals and do your best during each class.


It was my first experience and it will not be the last. I will attend Cardio Ballet Classes in Tallinn more because it was fun, relaxing and exciting. Sign up for your Cardio Ballet classes at RMagination Dance Studio in Tallinn!