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Bachata: My first experience

I have recently tried Bachata in Tallinn, RMagination Dance Studio. This is one of the popular dance styles which is danced with couples.


I want to start by saying, that I am not a dancer at all. I knew almost nothing about bachata before. But I have recently read some articles about this dance style and came to the conclusion, that it will be nice and romantic to dance bachata with my boyfriend. This could be a great way to diversify the usual dinner dates and try something new.


I found out, that bachata is a style of social dance from the Dominican Republic, which originated in the first half of the 20th century. It is associated with bachata music.


So, I came to dance with my partner, who is not a dancer too. We wanted to get into the beginner’s group, but it turned out that this class started earlier, so we found ourselves among the advanced dancers. Some students came with partners, some came alone. We were surprised, that it is necessary to change partners during Bachata dance. However, I and my partner decided to dance together because we had the same level and wanted to learn together.


The whole training lasted 55 minutes. Our workout started with the warm-up and basic steps. Our instructor Azael Salazar was dancing with his partner, a nice girl. We had to follow them and repeat the movements according to the music.


Azael Salazar and his partner

It seemed that there was nothing difficult in these movements, but we were constantly confused and repeated the same steps all the time. At that time when the other students went on to the next movement, we have been still trying to remember basic steps. It is quite difficult and tedious for the people, who are not dancers. However, we became quickly involved in the process and tried to improve our movements.


Bachata is danced under highly energetic music. The movements are plain and quite simple but also intimidating. If you dance it with your lover, you feel passion and love, but if your partner is not a person whom you really like, then… hmm, all you can do is to wait until you get somebody else for dancing.


When Azael showed some movements to my partner, dancing with me at the same time, I felt like he was a leader and knew exactly what to do. But if the partner is a beginner, he will mark your feet before you learn how to dance bachata.


I am pretty sure, that bachata can help to make connections with the others, to find friends and beloved. But this dance will not fit a person, who feels discomfort dancing at close range with total strangers. Perhaps, that is why bachata is so common in warm countries where people are more open-minded.


My first experience in bachata class was not perfect because I am not fond of the dancing and I did not make success during this classes.  But I could kindly advise it to everyone, who feel admire about dancing and wants to try something really fun and interesting.


You can try bachata in Tallinn, Rmagination Dance Studio. It is located in the City center, where you can easily get by bus or by car. You should not worry, even if your dancing skills are quite bad because there are classes for beginners and advanced. Talented instructor Azael Salazar conducts training in a good mood, helping the others to improve and learn new movements.


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