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What you missed at the Street Dance Battle in Tallinn

Street Dance Battle was held last Wednesday in Tallinn, Estonia. The event was the part of the festival ‘Street Fame Games 2017’ organized by the Tallinn Department of youth and sports. The festival held street sports and gathers young people to the playground. Participants are able to compete in three different activities – Streetball, Street Dance Battle and Street Workout.



RMagination team





























Many participants and guests gathered at Shnelli Stadium to watch an exciting competition between local and international dancers. The entrance was free and participants were provided with free water. There was also opened the kiosk with snacks and drinks.


The event started at 2PM/14:00 with the registration and warm-up. The participants of any ages could dance and exercise on the site before the competition.

























Dancers participated in four categories – beginners, professionals, breakdancing and experimental. DJ Ken Two and DJ Naddie were behind the booth and set the right music and tone for the participants. The event was hosted by MC Kljopa, who created a uprising energy for everyone. Competitors’ skills were evaluated by judges and famous dancers – bboy Supermihanizm (breaking category), Edgar Vunsh (experimental category), Tanya Kupra (hip-hop category). The judges have shown exemplary performances and their skills to the audience in the end of the battle.



Edgar Vunsh, Alexey Troitsky (experimental winner), Tanya Kupra and Supermihanizm






















The Street Dance Battle lasted more than four hours. First, it was the selection in which the strongest and most skilled dancers passed to the next round. The next step was to battle, where the participants competed with their rivals one-on-one, and the judges chose the finalists. Two participants of each category (ex. experimental) received prizes for first and second places.


The Street Dance Battle results are the following:

“Hip-hop professionals” category. 1st place – Lolita Vahrusheva, 2nd place – Alexandr Makarov

“Hip hop beginners” category. 1st place – Diana Cubrevic, 2nd place – Evelin Oliskevich

“Breaking” category. 1st place – Karina Ekimenko, 2nd place – Kirill Shary

“Experimental” category. The winner – Alexey Troitsky

The b-girl Liza amazed with her skills and charms, and has received a special prize of €50 from the RMagination Dance Studio.



B-girl Liza and MC Kljopa




























The atmosphere was very friendly and positive. Despite the competitive spirit, the dancers supported each other all the time.


RMagination Dance Studio was handing out free t-shirts with the logo, and also provided information about the work of the Studio, dance styles and upcoming promotions.


Every participant had the opportunity to stay and watch the Street Workout competitions in the end of the battle, where the athletes displayed their strength and ability to work on the bar.


The day before the competition, Rmagination Dance studio held intensive dance lessons with the guest dancers. They taught a freestyle hip-hop master class and floor techniques. The participants had a lot of fun and learned new techniques and dancing moves from the talented and professional dancers. This intensive workout helped to prepare for the coming Street Dance Battle event.


These two fun events united dancers of different levels and gave the opportunity to compete for the title of best in their category.



Tanya Kupra and the dancers