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Dear students and colleagues!


Rmagination Dance Studio would like to thank everyone for being with us in this journey. Rmagination is currently developing in new direction, and we’ve decided to terminate the service that previously provided by RM studio.  We wish you all find your own spirit and places in the world of dance, and never stop moving!

The latest news and event will be posted on our social media, stay tuned for a brand new Rmagination!


Sincerely yours,


Rmagination Dance Studio

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Who We Are

At the forefront of developing artists and students alike, our international dance studio in Estonia is located in the heart of Tallinn. This studio along with our unique approach to teaching provides you with a special dance environment in which you can thrive. Our backgrounds are multi-disciplinary and varied. This makes learning with us rich, progressive and fun. We have come from many countries across Europe and the Americas to teach you.

Renowned Choreographers

We bring together passionate and talented instructors from all around the world. They are the masters at their craft and you can now join them at our dance studio in Tallinn, Estonia. Each instructor is motivated to help you grow and support you all the way. If you have the passion and willing to put in the hard effort, they will do the same for you.

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Any Dance Style Of Your Choice

We are a full-house dance studio and offer a variety of styles of your choosing. If you want to take classes in Hip-Hop, Bachata, Jazz Funk, Vogue or Salsa lessons, we have that for you. Our talented instructors are excited to meet you and give you a fun and social experience.

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