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5 reasons to do Cardio Ballet at the RM Dance Studio


RMagination Dance Studio


The RMagination Dance Studio is the stylish and cozy dance studio located in the center of Tallinn, Estonia. We have talented and passionate instructors, spacious and modern training facilities and many dance styles. We are almost the only dance studio in Tallinn, that gives Cardio Ballet classes. Learn more the benefits of Cardio Ballet here.


Here are 5 reasons why you should do Cardio Ballet at the RMagination Dance Studio in Tallinn:


  1.     You do not need previous experience.


The program in the RMagination Dance Studio in Tallinn is created in such a way, that each participant will be able to repeat the exercise. Moreover, our instructors make everyone, regardless of ability level, feel included into the dancing process.

You will warm up and do stretching exercises on the barre, use light weights, do plies, deep knee bends along with corresponding arm movements. The main goal of a Cardio Ballet classes in Tallinn is to strengthen your muscles without hurting your joints.

Regular physical activity keeps your body and brain healthy. Cardio Ballet improves posture and balance, increases your stamina, builds confidence and reduces stress.


  1.     Experienced and qualified instructor  


Cardio Ballet in the RMagination Dance Studio in Tallinn is trained by professional ballet dancer Jevgeni Grib, who has a comprehensive working knowledge of this field. Jevgeni is known for his contagious energy, creative persistence in teaching, and unconditional faith in his students’ ability to improve.



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  1.     There is no age limit.


Never mind how old you are, you can participate in Cardio Ballet classes in the RM Dance Studio in Tallinn. All you need is to be interested in this dance style and desire to learn. You will get a lot of experience, become more graceful, healthy, strong, and fit, like a real ballet



  1.     Easy online registration


No need to call us or come in advance to the Studio to register for Cardio Ballet classes in Tallinn. There is a convenient online registration form on our website. Choose a convenient training time, register and come to the Cardio Ballet class!


  1.     Warm and relaxed environment

Cardio Ballet class.


RMagination Dance Studio





















The RM Dance Studio in Tallinn is committed to providing a safe and friendly atmosphere where students can learn, broaden, and expand their understanding and skills within the dance.


We have new equipments, comfortable and clean showers, spacious lockers.


The RMagination Dance Studio is located in Tallinn, Veerenni 29/1-5. There is a free parking for all our guests in front of the Dance Studio. If you use a public transport, then take a bus number 16, 3, 28, 39, or 73 to get to our Dance Studio.


You can also take part in Cardio Ballet special events. The RM Dance Studio often organizes dancing events in Tallinn with workshops, master classes and parties. Everybody can participate in these activities and have a great time with international and local dancers.


Follow our Facebook page to be always aware of the upcoming events in Tallinn in other cities.


Cardio Ballet in the RM Dance Studio in Tallinn is the right place where you can embark on the road to health & fitness. Come and become a part of our dance family!